Sacred Petals

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Come, objectify me,
Put your finger on my petal,
Unlace me
And unchain your demons-
For they need these,
The petals,
My petals,
Her petals,
To resurrect their strength.
Don’t you worry,
I will collect them if they shed- again,
As I did last time, for that other man,
On the other street,
Just so you know-
I love being objectified.


Only if you know what I mean. Only if  womanhood could always be a celebration.


2 thoughts on “Sacred Petals”

  1. I even envisioned a lady as a petal, but that was a different context. It was while learning Salsa. A men is relied upon to regard a lady as fragile as a petal. I feel like directing her with so much of elegance and grace all through the moves.

    Needless to say, womanhood is always a Celebration. It can’t be denied because of the heartless conduct by some morons.

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    1. This is so beautiful- the salsa context. Well, I wish there could be only “some” morons. Anyway, I appreciate your view on womanhood and more than that I loved the way you made me see the petals in a whole different way that too vividly.


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