Re-loading Life

“Just another shadow,
In the dark
I will vanish
So find me,
I stand right beside you,
Or keep your steps locked,
and the moment at night,
when silence will reside,
In your head
Just lose yourself,
Holding that pillow tight,
Wetting it till your eyes get sore,
Thinking ‘I should have’ .” , said the left-overs of soul to body.

No sorrow is bigger than happy life. Have courage, willingness and love for yourself.




Am I visible, clearly?
Am I?
I just wanted you to know-
I was born days ago,
Some days, I say,
I love to run with my little paws,
You know- same as your feet,
My mother feeds me,
I love her ,
You know- same as you love yours,
I love humans,
They cuddle me, so I run behind them,
Paws-I have ,
But my mother runs away from them,
She is too scared I guess.


I lost my brother today,
When they fired crackers in his mouth,
I thought it was something new
For us to eat,
There lying my brother,
Bloody, dead,
I just wanted you to know-
You are still our humans,
I still love you,
Don’t break my trust.
Am I audible?


I met you, there must be a reason,


The Reason.


You met me, there was a reason,

Yes, a reason.


The difference is absolute,

Beyond you and me.

Stuck somewhere in the matrix of space and time,

We traveled the distances,

The journey –never mind,

Because we are point functions,

But  the secrecy that universe maintains

We defy that.

We defy that when we travel

Those peaceful places,

That beautiful world of our thoughts,

Where we die everyday

To visit next one

In this world of ever wandering creatures.


Dedicated to the best personality I encountered three and a half year ago.

Sorrow and grief, happiness and celebrations, slapping and crying,  wishes and hopes, co-author of my love story, lover in the name of hater though a bit shy, unsocial, and some people may call “follower” of my “orders” but Nisha, when I say I will miss you – just know that I will miss YOU. College days countdown !